SpELLS Research Group

Special education and the learning sciences have historically not interacted, which limits theory and practice in both fields. The mission of the Special Education Linking with Learning Sciences, or SpELLS, research group is to integrate knowledge and research methodology across special education and the learning sciences in order to generate instructional practices and policy aligned with the most current and comprehensive educational theory. As a result, we aim to conduct cutting-edge research that emphasizes collaboration between special education and learning sciences scholars to leverage their unique expertise, perspectives, and methodological skillsets. Our ultimate goal is to support teachers, students, and other educators in adopting the most effective, evidence-based practices for facilitating optimal learning environments for students with disabilities.

Special Education

The mission of the Special Education is to improve educational and post-high school outcomes for individuals with disabilities through: (a) the preparation of quality personnel at the undergraduate and graduate levels; (b) the development and dissemination of new knowledge, and instruction methods; and (c) providing service and leadership to the field.

Learning Science

The field of Learning Sciences is founded on systematic, research-based approaches to the understanding and improvement of teaching and learning. The field encompasses and seeks to integrate learning design and technology, motivation, cultural competence and equity literacy, design thinking, data analysis, and research-based problem solving and decision making.


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